Help Debugging Error Message

I am attaching a picture of an error message one of my students is getting in Animations and Games Unit Lesson 28 Final Project. We have changed the code and set an starting velocityY, x, and y and still get the same message. The error message states the x, y, or velocityY are undefined.

Can you share the project link? It’s hard to debug something like this without the entire program to work with.

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I am attaching the project link.Animations and Games Lesson 28

It says it’s not available for sharing.

Yes. You may need to enable project sharing and send it in, we are happy to look closer at it.


Ok, try this link for the project. I had to go in and change my class sharing settings.

Project Code with Error

Thank you. I changed the sharing settings for the project.

I don’t see those lines of code anymore that are producing the error, so maybe they fixed it? I also don’t see a way to start the game.

If there is still an issue, please check back in with us!


It looks like my student fixed the issue.
Thank you.