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My student is working on Lesson 14 Bubble 8 and has an error message on line 13. We can’t figure out how to debug it. Can someone help? Here is the link: https://studio.code.org/projects/gamelab/7q4h4rMmODYw4X-8OLBNI9u4hpuJRUBlg8j4RB6H2eQ

Thanks a lot.



A few errors popped up:

Line 4 - the sprite needs to be “yellowpeep” instead of just "peep’
Line 9 - the draw loop should have an open { at the end of the line (then close it at the end of the code)
Line 11 - needs a semicolon

Even though done of those address Line 14, they are all errors that prevent the code from executing, then when it gets to the point where it needs something, it’ll give an error message.

My rule of thumb with error messages, if it’s at the beginning of the line (yours was Line 13, space 2 [13:2]) typically means there is something wrong above that isn’t allowing it to execute.

Hope that helps!