Unit 6 Lesson 7 "Bubble 8"

I am working through Unit 6 and preparing to teach it to my students for next year…
I got to Lesson 7 “Bubble 8” and I cannot get it to work. I looked at the exemplar and copied it exactly. It is still giving me an error. Can someone help me?

Screenshot 2020-03-19 at 2.21.10 PM|600x164

I also have the same problem with “Bubble 10”.

Can you tell us what error you are getting. We would be happy to look at it. Also, it would be helpful if you were to click on the Remix button and then get a share link so we can look at your specific code.



I just figured it out (finally!) I had the onEvent bracket instead of an onBoardEvent! THank you for your quick response!

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Great. Glad you figured it out.

Mr. Wood