Having trouble with module 13

Having issues with module 13, we can’t find fixes for all the errors, Here are some of the errors we are running into:

WARNING: Line: 6: The onEvent() id parameter refers to an id (“constant”) which does not exist.WARNING: Line: 10: onEvent() id parameter value (50) is not a string.ERROR: Line: 21: TypeError: t.on is not a functionERROR: Line: 24: Oops, we can’t figure out what frequency is - perhaps you meant the string “frequency” with quotes? If this is meant to be a variable, make sure you declared a variable: var frequency

Can you click the “remix” button and then the “share” button and get a link to the project that you can share with us? Also, if you have a teacher account, there is a solution in the blue teacher panel on the side. If you can send us the link, we’ll be happy to look at it and see if we can point you in the right direction for debugging.