Not a string or a UIstring issue - Hackathon Unit 5 - different student

the UIString is going to be the death of me yet this year.

This student has console.logged each line that is having an issue. Up until line 36, all is good. I can’t figure out this issue that causes the errors

Here is the Remix link

I see several problems in the code. For starters, the onEvent on line 33 should not be inside the function. The student should take that out and call the updateScreenMore function inside the onEvent like this…

function updateScreenMore() { …}

onEvent(“artButtn”, “click”, function( ) {

Secondly, in the updateScreenMore function, the student should call getArtInfo() before he/she starts using the filtered lists. The filtered lists are empty and hence the student is getting the UIString error.

Thirdly, on line 22 the student is comparing the image url with a number. He/she would need to correct that.

I hope this helps.

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You are awesome. I hope one day I will be able to easily run through various student practices and know what the issue is as quickly as you do. Thanks again :slight_smile: