Help find this bug...snowflakes stop falling

Link to the project or level: Unit 3 lesson 21
Game Lab -
What I expect to happen: snowflakes to continue falling
What actually happens: as you play if you catch 2 snow flakes or they reach the bottom eventually they appear at the top but do not fall
What I’ve tried: changing velocity adding else for snowflakes to keep falling

Please help. thanks

the problem with your code is that your referencing an incorrect sprite in snowflake2 comparison statement

if (snowflake2.y > 400) {
    snowflake2.y = 0; // this is referenced as snowflake not resetting the position
    snowflake2.x = randomNumber(0, 400);

since your comparing and not resetting the snowflake2 the conditional is being triggered thus forcing the first one to stay in place indefinitely by changing snowflake in this conditional to snowflake2 will fix your current issue