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We hope that the Professional Learning Program has been a rewarding experience for you and that it continues to make a positive impact on your students and school. We need more teachers like you to provide equitable access to computer science for all students.

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I’d never taken a computer programming class before, but @codeorg workshops prepared me to teach my first computer science class this year, and I’m loving it. It’s amazing to see students so engaged. If you’ve ever considered teaching CS, applications are now open for their 2018 program:


I’ve been teaching for 22 years, in Tech Lab for the last 8. CS Discoveries has given me more “Super-Teacher Moments” this semester than I’ve had in years. The curriculum is well organized and the activities are varied and fun. As Lead Learner, I have been only slightly less lost than my class, but I have learned so much and so have they. While there are things I will do differently next year, the classes have run very smoothly. The lessons in persistence have been many and the resulting rewards have made it all worthwhile to everyone. Each student has experienced the frustration and been gobsmacked when success finally arrived. Smiles all around! They have learned so much and so have I! Just had to say thank you. I’ll post socially later.