Help to make a sprite constantly fall in app lab

These students are attempting to make a flappy bird game using the playground. The bird goes up at button press, but it is not constantly falling to give reason for the rise of the bird.

Help would be great.

Hi, @chadwicko, motion in AppLab is a bit more tricky than in GameLab where things like this are easier to do. To get motion in AppLab, I believe you need to use a timed loop. I am not an expert on that, but there are posts in the forum with more information on that such as this one (Making an Image move in the app clicker game)

I also found a video tutorial on YouTube from a teacher more experienced in AppLab showing some elements of continual motion which is what you would need in a game like Flappy Bird.

Here’s a link to that. I hope one of these resources helps, but if not, let us know and we can look at it again.