Help With Bulletin Board Ideas

Does anyone have fun ideas, pictures, or templates for their Bulletin Boards? I will be teaching 6th Grade Problem Solving and Web Design Units. If you have any you are willing to share I would love to see them!

For my next bulletin board, I am going to post pictures of the websites / games and the corresponging QR code to take you to WebLab / Gamelab.

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Hi, great discussion question! I agree with Joan’s idea to showcase student work on the bulletin board when possible! I have student create a share out slide with their name, a short description of what they created, a screenshot from their work, and a QR code. I then print them, in color when I have access to it. Students love seeing each others work, and getting to share what they created.


I love the idea of a bulletin board that looks like a computer screen then include QR codes to student work. You could change them up or simply add to them as students finish work.

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