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I need assistance with Unit 5 Chapter 1 Lesson 6: Keeping Data Secret. On the 3rd section where students will practice on their own, what is the difference between Encrypted and Decrypted and how does that last section differ from the first few ones they did Encrypted and Decrypted Messages.



Encrypted is changing it to something that is not recognizable unless you know the key (the encryption key), decrypted is changing it from non-recognizable to something that is readable (for example back into ASCII code so it can be decoded). Yes so many words that sound the same!

If I remember the activity correct, the students pick a “saying” (grouping), coded it on the first line, applied their key to get an encrypted version of the “saying”. Copied the Encrypted version to bottom table, hiding the top of the page gave a classmate their encryption key and the encrypted message and had the classmate decrypt the message.
Hope this helps some.

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There wouldn’t happen to be an example? I get it, but it is still somewhat confusing.



I found this activity to be a bit confusing too, but only because it was new to me. There is an exemplar for this lesson under bubble 1 in lesson 6 on Code Studio, but it does not have the answers for the final section you mention in your original post since it is up to the students to come up with an idea. The third section is not altogether unlike sections 1 & 2, it’s just less scaffolded for students to try it on their own. I’ve attached the exemplar here. Hope this helps. U5L06 Activity Guide - Keeping Data Secret - Exemplar (1).pdf (249.4 KB)

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