Unit 5 Chapter 1 Lesson 6


I need assistance with Unit 5 Chapter 1 Lesson 6: Keeping Data Secret. On the 3rd section where students will practice on their own, what is the difference between Encrypted and Decrypted and how does that last section differ from the first few ones they did Encrypted and Decrypted Messages. I have been verified as a teacher and have seen the PDF, however I wish that there was an example of something a student built? I understand it, but at the same time I am a bit lost. I want to be able to explain it to my students in a way that they will understand and be successful.



So the unencrypted message is what the student has created using the three emojis of their choice and turned it into the “binary” message (but not real binary) by having fill/empty boxes. So the un-encrypted message is the pictures to some sort of data representation.

The Key is decided by the student to encrypt the un-encrypted message into something else that might or might not make sense. In actual computing, this is done with a series of sophisticated algorithms - but this is a quick example for students.

The encrypted message is the un-encrypted message with the key applied. Which hypothetically if someone had the key, they could go back to the un-encrypted messages and then convert to the emojis.

I agree that this can be confusing just jumping in… there is a free downloadable book: Blown to Bits that is an easy read of these bigger topics. Chapter 5 deals with encryption and was/is helpful to be for referencing, but the whole book is worth a read, I usually assign it to my students for reading as it forces them to think about their lives online.

Hope that helps - even a little bit?