Help with Unit 5 Lesson 8

I have not taught unit 5 and 6 in three years. I am currently working on lesson 8 the Create A Representation mini project. And helpful hints on what to use the punch card would e great! Thanks,

Does this part of the lesson plan help you out?

Link to the full lesson plan

If that isn’t what you needed or you need something else, please let me know.

Thank you, that does help. Appreciate you.

Is it one number, on character and one image that they code?

You will decide whole group with the class what the system will be. That way everyone is using the same system. In the example they code 3 numbers to represent the first three items of data. Then up to 10 characters for the activity or location. Then an image. That is just one possible system. Your class may come up with something different.

Yes! It seemed to work out well. Thanks for you advice