High resolution images for posters

A few folks at TeacherCon asked about getting posters made for the Problem Solving Process. We don’t currently have “official” posters available for this, but attached is a high resolution PDF of the PSP graphic that you could use to get a poster printed.

Problem Solving Poster.pdf (821.0 KB)


Here is a high resolution .png of the Input-Storage-Processing-Output model of a computer that is discussed in Unit 1.


Can we get one for the Problem Solving Process as well? :grinning:

Love to have these available - for use in my classroom,
Thanks, I will try to get them printed out
Julie Gibbons

Is it available as a file we can download? Like the problem solving one above.

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I made some posters for my class! Here’s the folder. . I printed off the elements, laminated them, and put them on the board.


those are awesome! thanks for sharing @emily.kosmack!! :smile:

These are great!! Thanks for sharing! I’ll be using these in my own classroom!

Anyone have a poster for the 2Ps and 3Cs?


Hi, does this work for you? 3C2P.pdf (17.8 KB)



Love it!! Thank you!!

Thank you for this resource

Thank you for this great resource.

Great resource. Thank you.

I made my own version of the Problem Solving Process Poster. It is not exactly the same as the one Code.org uses, but extremely close. I made it as a PNG file that I can print on the largest setting in my printer and get good image quality. I also made it as a SVG file that can be scaled to any size with the appropriate software. I use the free version of Inkscape for this, myself. I also combined the graphic with the suggestions in lesson 4 and made a google doc. Here are the links.
PNG: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1X0GAak4mem8u2ilf240rZHBQDfPTfavp/view?usp=sharing
SVG: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dGgY4jCO-Zz1WarcI-coyWIiHeCKH9eb/view?usp=sharing
Google Doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bLoICoIOmgK_zg6Qb2SRq8808FgpYgisITLHFqLnMGY/edit?usp=sharing


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Thank you for sharing!!

Thank you. I hope your next batch of posters will include this and the Input, storage, processing, output one. I’ll bet there are other great graphics that I haven’t run into yet. Maybe ONE poster with four or six graphics would be useful (and more cost efficient). Would code.org object to getting these run at FedEx/Kinkos type store?

@doctorj Feel free to print off posters using our images! The input/storage/processing/output graphic is linked above.

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Does anyone have a poster of Content, HTML, CSS with the skeleton?

Not sure if this is large enough, might not be big enough for a large poster, but here’s the skeleton image in a (mostly) transparent .png format.


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