High resolution images for posters



A few folks at TeacherCon asked about getting posters made for the Problem Solving Process. We don’t currently have “official” posters available for this, but attached is a high resolution PDF of the PSP graphic that you could use to get a poster printed.

Problem Solving Poster.pdf (821.0 KB)


Here is a high resolution .png of the Input-Storage-Processing-Output model of a computer that is discussed in Unit 1.


Can we get one for the Problem Solving Process as well? :grinning:


Love to have these available - for use in my classroom,
Thanks, I will try to get them printed out
Julie Gibbons


Is it available as a file we can download? Like the problem solving one above.


I made some posters for my class! Here’s the folder. . I printed off the elements, laminated them, and put them on the board.


those are awesome! thanks for sharing @emily.kosmack!! :smile:


These are great!! Thanks for sharing! I’ll be using these in my own classroom!