Posters for Unit 1


Has anyone made or know how to get a poster for both the Problem-Solving Process and the Input/Output Model? I’d like to have those up in my room throughout the year. I’m not opposed to creating them myself (I have one for the PSP already, but it’s sub-par, to say the least) but a professional-looking poster would have more durability.



Just wanted to check and make sure I’m understanding - you want a professional print, not a PDF that you can print yourself? doesn’t have professional posters (yet), but I attached the PSP and I/O, Storage and Processing to this post if you can find a good poster printer (or Kinkos…)

Problem Solving Poster.pdf (821.0 KB)


Thank you for posting


Thank you, Brad. Do you know what the maximum size that these could get without starting to distort or pixelate?



Unfortunately I don’t. BUT I’ll play with my schools poster printer and let you know! Another option might be to print a bunch, laminate, hole punch and use a key ring as reference guides for students and have multiple around the room for them to access.



I made one for the problem solving processProblem Solving process


I had 4 of my students work with the art teacher to make a poster of Input, Output, Storage and Processing. They used a sheet of large poster paper, construction paper and printed out the words. It turned out to be amazing and they posted it in the classroom. They were proud of their result and very engaged.


I re-created the Problem Solving Process image so I could print a large poster. It is approximately 34"x34". If you are unable to download it at full resolution I can email you the file.