Highly Advanced Middle School Student


I am not sure this is the forum to be on, but am going to take a shot at it…
I teach grades 7 and 8. I have one student who is very advanced with coding and has true interest in going much farther than the middle school curriculum takes us. I would like to create a class for him to do the Principles curriculum with hopes that he could be ready for the CS AP exam at the end of 8th grade. Is this possible? Also… would he have to take the class from someone teaching and “official” AP course before taking the exam?

Any help would be very appreciated.


@lhenneberg Thanks for reaching out. This is the place for your question. After speaking with my AP Coordinator, I was informed that you can have your student registered to take the AP Exam. Contact the your neighborhood High Schools’ Testing coordinator, explain your situation and ask them to create an “exam only section”. They will advise you further about testing location and other details. You can add the CSP course to your dashboard when you create a new section for your student. Please contact us if you have any more questions.