How do I make it to June?


I’ve gone over the syllabus and there’s no way I can make it to June with just these lessons.

Am i missing something here? I’m a first time teacher.


I’m not sure what you mean, just three lessons? CSD has much more than three lessons. What lessons are you talking about?


these lessons.

I was trying to figure out how to make it to June with this curriculum since my students see me 5 days a week. I honestly feel like I have to make up extra stuff to space the lessons or at the end of the curriculum.



I see my kids 5 days a week as well. Last year, I taught half of the CSD material. Our state has it divided in two. We teach what used to be ICT for the first semester, then the CSD curriculum the second half. So, in half a year, I taught half the CSD lessons, units 1-3. I didn’t have to make anything up to make it stretch. What state are you in? Are you having quarterly trainings/PD? I’m more than happy to help… just let me know how.


I taught the class last year and see the students 270min a week. We only finished 4.5 units. I skipped unit 5 in favor of doing unit 6(I wanted to try out the circuit playgrounds and had piloted unit 5) Given that every classroom is different I think that once you get into the later units you will see those projects taking a lot longer time.
There are, however, a ton of resources online for extra programming things. I would check out python for some programming with the turtle. Although I wouldn’t worry about extensions until the time arises. As a first year teacher I was always just trying to get through the day! :wink: