How do you display an entire list in a text area?

Basically I want to select in a drop down “Birds of Prey” and display all the birds in a text area. I am having trouble figuring out how to do that.

I want to pull data from a data table using getcolumn

Hi, there.

In this code, I am listing all of the birds that are brown. If you want to list all of the prey birds, you will have to list them based on their diet. The table in the database, has a column for diet, but it does not indicate if the birds are “prey birds”.
You will have to create your own table (which it’s easy to do in or define your criteria on what a prey bird is. Ex: birds of prey are the ones eating fish and insects. Then you import the diet column, you select every bird what eats fish and insects as you go through a loop, and you append each of them to a new list. Then, you show the list.