How secure is my password?

As I prepare for this lesson and used the How Secure is My Password site, the instructions say to make sure we look at “show details” as test passwords. I do not see that link on the site. Is that an old instruction or am I missing something?

Yeah it looks like the website has changed.

Is there an alternate suggestion or just remove that instruction and focus on time to crack at this point in lesson?

Hi @jreilly2016,

I don’t see instructions to “show details” in the lesson. Perhaps it has already been removed? I would just skip it and focus on the main objectives like you mentioned. From what I remember, you will still be hitting the main objectives without “details” (I actually don’t even remember doing anything with “details”).


Thanks. I do see the lesson has been updated. I appreciate how quick questions and issues get handled. Was curious what I might be missing without that link but sounds like nothing too important.

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