'18 - '19 General Discussion for Lesson 4.5

I noticed when clicking on the Data Privacy Lab that it says “This tool is under development…check back later”. Are there other options to use as substitutes.

The top part is new (at least to me). The part we have been using is “How unique are you?”

I have had the same issue. The website is under construction and I can’t find another site to use

@gjschmidt is correct - The curriculum is referring to just the 2nd half. The lesson requires students do only the “How unique are you?” section.

The top half of the website is new and is not part of the lesson.

Another great resource for this lesson is Blown To Bits, Chapter 2 Section “Connecting the Dots”. It gives an actual example of how de-identified data can be used with other data sets to re-identify an individual. http://www.bitsbook.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/chapter2.pdf

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