Unit 4 Lesson 5 - needs more depth

I am skipping lesson 5 in the Big Data unit, because it seems to offer little value. I tried the aboutmyinfo.org website. After entering media websites like nytimes.com (to which I’ve been a subscriber for many years) it returned no results after “Submit”. I did this for a half dozen other sites on which I am active. No results - it seems to not be working. The “research yourself” activity is similarly light. A better exercise might be to guide students to research what Google knows about you (https://www.lifewire.com/what-does-google-know-about-me-4587648), or Twitter or Facebook. JR

Hi @jranta,

Thanks for the feedback and the article!

As for the aboutmyinfo.org website, it appears the website has been updated since the lesson was written. They added the “What do others think of me?” section that as you experienced, doesn’t seem to do anything at the moment. The original lesson plan refers to the “How unique am I?” section - the intention being to show that with relatively little info about an individual, you can pretty uniquely identify someone.