Unit 3.1 Research Activity

I am prepping to teach this curric for the first time this fall. I do have a concern with Unit 3 Lesson 1, in that it asks students to research without recording their sources. Does anyone else have this concern? Was there a specific reason for doing this? I’ve added " Please include links to ALL sources used." after Research Notes on the activity. I think it will be helpful for me to keep a list of current sources to share with future students.


Hi pirtlel,
I am prepping for that unit soon as well. I am concerned that the lesson doesn’t have enough structure. I am thinking about creating a whole lesson on job possibilities in the CS arena related to entertainment instead. I can’t just let my kids research and expect good results- #ain’t happening.
If I do have time to make something, I will post it here.

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If you create a lesson on job possibilities in the CS arena, please share on the forum.

I made a hyperDoc for CS careers. It’s not geared towards CS entertainment jobs like the lesson, but I plan to use it and see how it goes. My thought was that I wanted to show kids what options are available. That said, I am new to this field (previously taught Life Science),and I am just learning about all of this stuff too, so I hope I did an okay job. Here is the link if anyone is interested. Feel free to change it around however you want:
Careers HyperDoc


Thanks for sharing this!

Thank you! I tried this with my students last semester and it was difficult for them. I wanted something different as well. Thanks for sharing.

This is great! Thank you.

Thanks for finding all those videos! And for sharing your doc. This looks like a good activity.


Try this website - also check out her Teacher Pay Teacher account. She has a Computer Science Careers Webquest


Thanks so much for sharing :slight_smile:

Great material! I skipped this lesson last year! Is there an answer key?

Hi Cheri,
I looked, and I’m sorry, I don’t think I made a key.

This is FANTASTIC work! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing!!! This will make my lesson way more structured and engaging.