How did this lesson go?

I’m concerned the 5 websites will either be blocked at my school, or the second one requires flash, so probably won’t run on the imacs?
I’m thinking about using the 52-min Human Face of Big Data video instead, but trying to figure out a good way to do it. It’s divided into segments, may assign pairs a segment to watch and report on? Thoughts?

My students were able to get to all five websites using Chromebooks. I had to be absent one day and assigned the 52-min video to the students to watch. I created the video in EdPuzzle and added questions… half way through the video and then at the end of the video…two response questions to prove that they actually watched the video and learned something.


I definitely try to check weblinks on student computers with student accounts before using them in class. I would then make adjustments. Even if only 1 of the weblinks works from my teacher station, I would use it to jumpstart a whole class discussion. I like the idea of jigsawing the video.

Thanks for sharing ,