Unit 2 Lesson 7 blocked website


At my school we use the Lightspeed filter for protecting students from undesirable websites. The Zimbio website is blocked due to “mature” theme. My technology director allowed me access to the website and the actual link for the Left Brained - Right Brained quiz did not work. I clicked on the link but nothing happened.

So, my workaround was to search “Left Brained Right Brained quiz” and the result returned several fun quizzes made for students. We all took several of these quizzes and had lots of fun talking about the results and why different test may return different results. It was a wonderful discussion and I was easily able to tie to data, data collection and telling a story.

For new teachers… always check out the external links ahead of time. Generally I find about 50% of the links suggested in the Units are either blocked for me or no longer work… very frustrating if this is discovered with students sitting in front of you!



I would also like to remind you to check any links from a student’s account. Sometimes I can access a resource from the teacher station but students are not able to from their accounts. When I have a student aide, I get them to pre-check. Otherwise, I ask a student to try some links. Some students like being the tester since it sounds like ‘hacking’.:innocent:

Happy computing,