Random Code in Projects

For some reason this year, when students submit their websites on the different mini-projects and projects there is a bunch of random code added to their index.html page with really inappropriate links in there. Here is an example of what I’m talking about. The students are using school computers at school, so these sites can’t even be accessed. I don’t know what’s going on here.

I never saw any of that with my students this year and when I looked at your example I don’t see any inappropriate links in there right now. Could the student have removed them since this was posted? Also, just because a site can’t be accessed on the school computer doesn’t mean they can’t type in the URL into their code so maybe the student did do it. Not sure.

That’s strange because there is a ton of extra code in the work area when I look at it on my computer.


I don’t see anything out of the ordinary either. If you know it is not from your student, you may want to let support know the issue and send them a screenshot of what you are seeing.


Hi @buyskej - we’ve sometimes had problems with school district web filtering software creating strange behavior with Web Lab projects (since the filtering software also tries to filter student projects created in Web Lab). Your situation sounds like something we’ve seen before, where web filtering software will “inject” a website with additional code that it’s looking to block. The “random code added to their index.html page with really inappropriate links” part of your experience makes me think of this, since we’ve seen things like this before.

So yes - please email support@code.org and we can continue to troubleshoot. But considering this is something we’ve seen before, it’s more likely it’s some strangeness with school web filtering software as opposed to students intentionally adding a bunch of terrible links to their projects.

Dan - Code.org Curriculum Writer

Ok, that makes sense. Thanks for the information!