CSD2 Lesson 5, level 2

My students and I cannot get any of the example profiles in lesson 5 Digital Footprint to load. These pages are necessary to complete the Social Sleuth activity but when clicking on any of them it loads a page that states “This site can’t be reached.” Chrome is up to date, cookie, cache, history cleared, not sure what else to try.

@cshappee, Is it possible that your school or district has blocked the domain codeprojects.org?

This is where those profile pages are hosted.

I just checked and they are working for me right now.


I’ve had similar things happen to me with Scratch whenever on a school computer. I have talked to the school and other teachers about it and they can’t seem to figure out why (could be the devices we used were “faulty” you could say).

But, to fix your issue, I agree with Mr. Wood that there is a firewall implemented by your school or district, and would be most likely as this happened to my class before.

@cshappee, Were you able to get it to work?

Thank you all for the help. I do believe it has to do with my district firewall. I have had a ticket open with IT for a few days now but they are quite concerned about manually opening up the necessary link. Are there PDFs/Doc versions of the example websites I could use instead?

I’m not aware of any, but they could probably be made. Are your students able to work on the rest of unit 2? I think all of the websites students create are also hosted on codeprojects.org, so this may also affect their ability to work on unit 2 (and/or share their projects).

Hopefully, they will be able to see the necessity of leaving that domain open. Here’s a link to code.org’s troubleshooting page for Web Lab. Maybe if you forward that to them or suggest they contact support@code.org with their concerns that could help?

My district is extremely conservative when it comes to opening up domains, but I have been able to work with them and they reached out to code.org and were able to resolve their concerns. I know code.org is very responsive if IT support personnel contact them.


I made some pdfs in the meantime. Not the ideal way to do it, but it would get the job done.

Chirpr.pdf (353.8 KB) FaceSpace.pdf (1.2 MB) Instaframe.pdf (2.8 MB)

Best of luck!


Mike @mwood, @cshappee and I appreciate all of you help (we are at the same school). We have been going back and forth with IT to find out if codeprojects.org is blocked. They seem to think the index page for codeprojects.org no longer exists or is down and that might be what is leading to the problems. I have reached out to support@code.org to try and get any insight that they might have.

That is the correct path to take. I don’t think there is an index page to be honest. It is just used as a hosting site for student projects, but I’m sure the support team will be able to answer questions for you and hopefully work with your district IT team. I know they’ll be responsive if the IT folks reach out to them.


Did you ever find out a solution to this? My IT department is saying the same thing that the site exists, but it cannot connect. Gives a 404 error and fails to resolve. We have tried on non-school computers and the same thing happens.

Can we complete Unit 2 without this??

@hensleyn I emailed support@code.org and Josh responded:

“Thanks much for writing in to report this. This issue has cropped up recently due to various student projects made within WebLab were redirecting users to phishing sites, which in turn resulted in CodeProjects.org getting flagged by Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a security concern. All Code.org (and CodeProjects.org) content is served through AWS, for reference. This flag from AWS should subside in a few days’ time. In the meantime, other classrooms and schools using filtering / content moderation services like GoGuardian, Akamai, LightSpeed, and Cisco, have been able to get around this issue by ensuring that all of the sites and domains listed at code.org/educate/it are fully marked as safe/allowed on your schools’ network(s), and are not blocked by the listed filtering services. Our apologies for any inconvenience on this, and we appreciate the feedback!”