Unit 2 - Lesson 2 codeprojecs.org

I am trying to access codeprojects.org but when try to access the page I get a Page Not Found 404 Error. Is the site down? I have not taught this course before so I am not sure if I am missing something. I am on my home computer. I cleared cookies and nothing.

So, I believe that codeprojects.org is a domain used to host the published projects of students across Game Lab, App Lab and Web Lab, however, it is not a standalone site (meaning you aren’t supposed to go there directly).

Is there a specific resource you are looking for and not finding?
For example, you can start new projects at the following links:

AppLab - https://code.org/educate/applab
Game Lab - https://code.org/educate/gamelab
Web Lab - https://code.org/educate/weblab

Hope this helps!