Link needs updating?


We are getting this error when clicking on the John T Facespace link:

This page can’t be found

No webpage was found for the web address:



Works for me. Maybe they fixed it.
Is it still broken for you?


I was able to open it. Is it still not opening @carolyn.petti? Might be a bug.


Yea, it works for us now -thanks for your responses! Not sure what went wrong…


Apparently some students had reported the web page for “abuse”, so it was automatically taken down. I unreported it and changed its settings so that it can’t be reported anymore. Sorry for the inconvenience!



This link doesn’t work for my class right now. If it was fixed, I’m not seeing it. Are you saying it was taken down and not replaced?


It is working for me right now, and I can’t see anything to indicate that anyone would have any trouble viewing it. If you are having problems seeing the page, can you contact us through either the “report a bug” link on the site or by emailing