CSD Unit 2 Glitches

Good afternoon!

My 7th & 8th combined classes are in love with the CSD curriculum. So much fun!

We have an issue to report with Stage 9 Lessons 12 & 13 of Multi-page Websites.

Every time students navigate away from these two pages, Code Studio does not save their work… even if they hit ‘finish’. The kids are navigating back to previous lessons to link their ‘About Me’ page, and when they come back, progress has been lost, although the ‘books’ and ‘hobbies’ html and css pages still remain.

Please help! :slight_smile:

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Hi @jforste,

Could you give me some more information about the issue you are running into? What web browser are you using (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc)?


We are using Google Chrome.

We are having the same issue. We are also using Google Chrome.

HI @hendricksn and @jforste

Have you tried having students use the refresh button as a save button. Refresh forces a save. Can you let me know if that helps at all?


@dani this appears to be helping so far. Thanks!

This doesn’t seem to be helping my students. What we are doing now if using thimble.mozilla as a back up. They are copying their code to this site, getting it to work like they want, and then re-pasting it back into code.org. This seems to be the best solution so far. More work but it has helped with the frustration of losing work.

Another issue we are having is with the links to the webpages. One one page - say the Hobbies Page - the links will work to navigate to the homepage, the recipes page, and the About Me page. But those same links will not work on one of the other pages. They will navigate to a blank screen.

Hi @hendricksn

We have a known bug about links not working. It seems to happen when you don’t have a <head> <_/_head> at the top of the .html document. Can you take a look at see if this seems to be the case for the students that are running into this problem? If it seems to be something else can you click the Share link at the top of a project and copy in the link to that project so our team can take a look?


Good to know about the head element. Thank you for sharing.

We started Unit 2 Lesson 2 on the personal websites - only website #3 - about Olivia opened, due to our school filter. Does anyone have some other website ideas or do you have student websites far enough along, you’d want to share some ideas?

@dani on CSD Unit 2, Stage 9 lesson 6…

is it possible for you guys to preload the pictures from the ‘Odd world records’ into this lesson? When the students copy the CSS and HTML from the link to their ‘records’ pages, the child-blowing-bubble.jpg, candies.jpg, and the other picture all show dead links and it’s kind of a pain to have them google new pictures…

Maybe this isn’t a possibility but thought I would continue reporting any small usability glitches. Thanks again for all you guys do!

Thanks @jforste for the feedback! We have added the images to that level for use in the future. It will take a couple days for it to go live.


I’m getting something similar. I have several students when in Lesson 9, their index page will just disappear. Not sure how to avoid this. Has happened to 4 students so far. Very frustrated!

Hi @jkemp,

Sorry to hear you are having some issues with using Web Lab in Unit 2. Our engineering team is working really hard to fix many of these known bugs in Web Lab before we launch the course this summer. Web Lab is still very much in beta. One of the known bugs is about having too many tabs open in Web Lab at once. If you have the same project open in two tabs Web Lab can’t handle that right now. I know this doesn’t solve some of the issues you are having but thank you for being willing to take on a new curriculum with tools that are new and give feedback. It is very valuable to use. Please keep letting us know as you run into problems.



We are having trouble with the version history, it doesn’t always work. I had a student today that had his recipes page all done (I saw it!) and when he went to link the CSS he must have deleted everything on the page somehow. When I went to his version history there was nothing there no matter how far back I went. I had seem him do it a month ago! It was like when he deleted it on the current version it deleted on all the past versions too. I’ve seen this happen at least 2 other times. It would be really nice if the version history worked consistently.

Hi @amacdonald

Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with Web Lab as well. Could you have the students who are running into this problem with version history submit a bug report? I don’t think that is a bug we have seen before. Submitting a bug report is the easiest way for us to pass it along to the engineers. You can do that by hitting Report Bug in the top right corner of any level on Code Studio.



Yes, I will to send the report bug on a students laptop.

Today I sent a bug report and then we fixed it. It is still a bug but it is fixable.
The problem is (and we have seen it multiple times) when a student has the links to their other pages they will work on one page and not another even though they have been copied and pasted and are thus identical. The kids found out that if they go to the real link for the project (share) the hyperlinks to their other pages work.
But, when going back to look at their work we found that if their is a missing or extra space in something like an image tag anywhere on the page and you fix that - the page links work.
It doesn’t seem like this should be the case. Those problems don’t even show up in pink so the kids know their is a problem.

Hey there @amacdonald thanks for letting us know about your issues. We’ve definitely heard from a lot of people about some issues combining work across Web Lab projects. We know that assets with spaces in the names were causing issues but we just deployed a fix so let us know if you continue to notice that error. We’re also just working to make the project in Unit 2 get built within a single project throughout the unit so as to avoid a lot of copying and pasting to combine later.

Sorry to hear about your issues. The feedback is appreciated and if you run into more bugs we’d love to hear about them. Let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help.