CSD Unit 2 Glitches



We seem to be having this same issue. I have several students who insert links to their pages and when they click to preview them nothing is there. Can you help us? Here is the link to one of my students’ work. Thanks!



This link works…but when they are in web lab we are getting the blank screens.


@brandy.barlow there’s a bug in this project that’s actually pretty tough to track down. Attributes in tags need to have a space in between them. If you look on line 17 (which has a pink error highlight) you’ll see that the alt and height attributes aren’t separated by a space.

Most browsers are pretty forgiving of these errors, but Web Lab seems to be quite a bit more picky. We’re working on making these errors easier to track down.


I have a student in his Unit 2 in Discoveries trying to finalize his webpage and he clicked “add image” and a pop-up window comes up with a wheel spinning like it is thinking and gives the message “manage assests”… we wait and wait and nothing happens, we have logged out and logged back in…and we have tried different computers and it does the same thing. Please help!?


Hi @dhuff,

Did you ever figure out the issue? If not it would be good to report a bug from that students account so our engineers can look into it for you.

Happy 2018!