is blacklisted

Our state (West Virginia) has looked into whitelisting codeprojects but they say it is blacklisted for good reason. Is anyone else having problems with that. Is there another option for hosting kid’s webpages or a way for codeprojects to be acceptable?

@wgibson, have you asked them to email with their concerns? In my district, there are often sites like that blocked and once we get the right people talking to the right people, things usually work themselves out (although not as quickly as I would like it, usually). has to host student projects (or completely change their model of doing things) and the only thing I can think of IT people objecting to is if they have found some inappropriate content (or perhaps the potential of inappropriate content) being posted to that domain.

My guess is that if there is anything or were to be anything inappropriate, they would take it down, but I don’t see it being any different than student projects hosted on or any other site that allows students to work and share projects.

I’ve NEVER seen anything inappropriate there, but hopefully you can get someone to reach out to with their concerns and at least give them a chance to address or explain how the site works and how it is managed.


Thanks! Mike, I’ll do that.