CSD Unit 2 Lesson 5

I was just previewing Unit 2 Lesson 5 and realized that none of the websites for the fake social media websites work! Is anyone else experiencing this problem? I love this lesson and do not want to skip it. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

I just double checked and they were working for me. Unfortunately, they are not interactive like students are used to for social media sites. They behave more like image files. I always encourage students to zoom in on the features they want to look at more closely. Maybe check to see if clearing your cache would help - that’s just a guess. I love this lesson too. I really hope you get the images to work for you.

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I have a fairly squirrely group of 7th graders this semester so I am going to walk them through one of the people (because I know they will be clicking all over the place, trying to google etc…) - I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to have them do both of the others on their own or just one more…