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This is related to our lesson model in the Pilot training.

We felt student engagement was high and the lesson had a strong real life application–the social media pages felt authentic. This lesson also lends it self very well to partner or collaborative work. Our set-up–an example of social media oversharing from our own personal experience as well as the prescribed warm-up was really powerful in setting the tone and purpose for the lesson.

The grouping of the mock social media pages did cause some student confusion. It would be helpful to group the pages by individual and add a label to the top links in code studio so students could more easily navigate through the pages. In the future, we would like to model with the whole group how to search and complete a section of the sleuth website. We also wanted to highlight out objectives better with bolder colors on our poster and more attention given to them.


possible assessment for this lesson might be to use a resource on classtools.netFakebook

Here is a document that can be used as an exit ticket. The traffic lights are included and ready to print out and laminate for long-term use. Traffic Light Exit Ticket


This lesson ended up being a whole group lesson not because they didn’t understand it, but because it generated so many comments from them and light bulb moments. It brought up things that they had never thought of before like how much information your family gives away about you without realizing it. We have continued to talk about this lesson even though we finished it last week. They keep bringing up information they’ve seen on social media that could potentially be used to stalk someone or steal their identity.


Hey @renee_coley glad to hear this went so well. Sounds like some excellent conversations.