U1 Day 8-9: PD Discussion Topic


What aspects of this lesson make the learning objectives approachable to students? What is one technique you will use to help your students identify the impact of internet communication?

If you have any other thoughts or questions about this lesson, feel free to post those in the forum as well!


I think that students would benefit from being able to analyze the risks of social media. My ultimate goal is to get them to understand that once something is out on the web, it’s out there, essentially, forever. Each student should have experience with social media, and by showing them the various case studies, I think they would be able to share their thoughts on how to make the most out of their sites.

To make this lesson even more engaging, I’m going to have them create their own linkedin profile and submit them to my principal for review. She’ll be able to provide feedback as to which student she would most likely hire based on their profiles.


We will jigsaw various readings about data being gathered about us every day to discuss whether ethics of these practices is black and white, sliding, or dependent on culture/social identity, as well as costs and benefits to us as users/consumers and to the developers. We will compare these examples to other instances of profiling, for example by doctors, and what the potential upsides and significant difficulties might be.


The approach and organization of this lesson gives students meaningful and relevant opportunities to consider the impact of computers on society. I would have students engage in a discussion and create presentations on the consequences (positive and negative) of using computers for communication purposes.


Hi Kimberly,

I love your linkedin idea. It makes this lesson really tangible to students. I’m a little curious what your class size is and/or how big your school is. Are your students able to have such direct access to the principal because the school you teach in is small, or do you have a method that allows a large number of students to interact with the principal? Any thoughts on how someone could scale it to a larger class size?



All people (students included) use all available data in their relationships with others and with the world around them as do their friends use it as it regards them. When that data enter the web space, they lose control over who has access to it and, sometimes, how it can be or will be used (+, - or ø ). Armed with this reality, I’d have them reflect on the data about them that is already in the ‘web space’ and how they might need to consider becoming their own personal data 'gatekeeper in the future.

To drive this idea home we will discuss what ‘cloud storage’ and its ‘pro’ and cons’.


I like the idea of social network information used for hiring for jobs. Most students are not in the job market but the awareness for the future is important


I think this lesson becomes accessible to students because as they complete the Communication Methods Chart they are thinking about scenarios relevant to their lives. One thing I’d do that ties into the Privacy Activity is to have students read and discuss articles about cases where people’s “private” information may have been used against them (postings on social media used by employers, etc).


I would share all 4 articles provided here with the class and show the following video clip Mom Fired over Facebook Post. Following each article and video clip, I would allow students to openly share their opinions to the whole class. Next I would have the students complete the “Privacy Activity” exactly as written. This is an excellent lesson.


I think it is important for students to analyze the effect of social media: good and bad. This is especially relevant because the majority of all students have multiple social media accounts. I really like jkim idea to do a presentation of positive and negative consequences of using computers for communication purposes.
I think it would also be nice for them to interview an older member of the family regarding their use of communication and compare it to what our students use today.


As a class, we talk about the fact that once something is on the Internet, it is there forever. I have used the Way Back Machine as a source just bring in related articles but my prime example is usually Snap Chat.


I too love the linkedin idea. Very Clever!!!

Students don’t realize the long term impact of negative social media. For example, our daughters are involved in sorority recruitment. They “stalk” potential candidates’ social media over the summer to determine if they are making good choices. I like to share this with my students and extend it beyond the sorority to potential jobs, scholarships, etc.

This lesson has a real life connection that the students enjoy.


I think much of this lesson will apply to the students directly. Students today are so integrated with their cel phones that there’s even a recognized social anxiety disorder regarding being away from your cel phone. However they also need to realize just how vulnerable they are due to the transparency of social media.


Its approachable because the apps are ones the students use all the time and yet they might not have thought about consequences.


I think I will have my students research different social media examples in groups. They will need to present the pros and cons of the social media website when considering major life events (getting accepted to college, getting a job, etc.). The class will have a discussion after each presentation.


I believe this lesson to very relevant to students lives and is a good discussion towards social awareness. Students’ lives are completely influenced by social media and technology. For this reason, having a discussion on privacy and safe uses of technology is essential in the 21st century classroom.
I want to integrate all of the additional resources included in this PD (articles and videos) as well as search for others that describe how people’s personal and professional lives have been effected by posting online. I am also thinking of an activity where students need to think of their own ideas of information that could have negative impact after posting on the internet. It might be a good idea to incoorporate this activity/discussion into the opening journal.


I think my students will really enjoy the lesson as it pertains to topics that they use every day and are passionate about. I will use multiple scenarios to illustrate the importance of internet safety and the impact of the decisions they make while on social media.


Great relevance in this topic! The main goal is to have students recognize the permanence and impact of what they do online. We’ll probaby jigsaw the 3 articles and have groups present and discuss them. I like @kdye1989 LinkedIn idea. Principal might not have time to evaluate them. Maybe students could collaborate to create their profiles positively. Could create guidelines for them. May help students to realize that they have the opportunity now to build their resumes/profiles for future employers.


This topic is a very hot topic with kids today. They need to be aware of the privacy issues in social media. I would like to have each one of them come up with a scenario for problems that can crop up through social media and how those things can be avoided.


This is a great topic for students to see. Hopefully, we can keep some of them out of trouble with what they learn here.

I especially like how it can take an app they use every day and show them how someone could exploit it to learn “personal” information about them.