Blocked Top 10 Websites

How imperative did teachers find it for students to access the top 10 sites? Of the top ten: Facebook, Netflix, Twitter and YouTube are blocked for my students.

Hi @christine.carney. I don’t think its too imperative. Ideally, in this lesson students should start thinking about why people make websites and why they use websites. I feel like these thoughts/ideas/discussions can stem from other websites as well.

Hope your class has fun brainstorming ideas for tomorrow’s lesson! :v:


I don’t think that the students need to go to the sites. For the most part, they already know what these are. And if you really want to know how to access the sites at the school, just ask the students, they usually know a way around the filters.:wink:

Also, although Reddit is in the Top 10, I’d rather not be the one that sends them there. Today, one of the top stories on Reddit’s homepage is regarding Janet Jackson’s nipple.

@tresley yikes!!! sorry about that!! I’ll bubble this up to the team!

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Thanks…moving forward, I’d recommend removing Reddit from the list and changing the topic to something akin to “The Top Websites in the Word” vs. the top 10. Since CSD is geared towards grades as low as 6th, I don’t think that we should be the one introducing them to Reddit or sites that can easily lead to NSFW content.

Thanks, Kevin and Todd!

We’re in the process of pulling all the direct links from student-facing pages and moving them to the blue teacher boxes. That way teachers can decide day of whether these sites are appropriate for their classes. It will take a while for everything to go through. If anyone sees any more, please let us know and we’ll take care of it.


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