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hi I’m a new teacher

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Hi and welcome!

Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help or if you have specific questions.

Hi Frank. Because of lack of time, I can not actually do all the BIG DATA worksheets - can you give me a few hints for
What is this website potentially useful for? What kinds of problems could the provided information be used to solve?

Where is the data coming from?

Check for “About”, “Download”, or “API”. You may also need to do a web search.

  • Is the data from one source or many?
  • Is it static or live?
  • Is the source reputable? Why or why not?
  • Add a link to the raw data if you can find one.
    There are usually tricks they show us in the workshops - have nothing on this.

They always ask questions and I love to be able to give at least hints! Thank you Frank.

Hi @mschlager,

For “What is this website potentially useful for?..”, I don’t believe there are absolute right or wrong answers. Of course I’m sure there are still popular uses for those sites, but my guess is those questions are trying to push students to be creative in thinking of possible applications. Maybe tying in to the practices of identifying benefits of innovations or how data can be used to solve problems.

For “Where is the data coming from”, I would just click around on the site under the sections suggested in the question. You might not be able to find answers to every bullet and might have to interpret or make assumptions in some cases.

I’ll see if I can get an answer key of example answers into the verified teacher section.


Hi Frank.
Thanks for all your help.
A student wants to do g-mail for the explore task - what do you think?

Hi Frank,

It’s Linda from the 9dots CSP workshops. I was wondering if you or Jen or someone you know would like to be a speaker during my school’s career fair on Friday, March 8. A speaker usually speaks for about 25 minutes for about 6 rotations. It takes place during the morning hours and lunch is usually provided. Alvarado Intermediate is located at 1901 Desire, Rowland Heights, CA 91748. Let me know if you know anyone who would be willing.


Frank…my email is thx, Linda

Hi @mschlager,

It’s common for students (and teachers) to ask whether X is a good topic for the Explore PT. I recommend using the Survival Guide in the Explore PT unit.

Otherwise, here are my general thoughts about when a student asks “Is X a good topic?”: Explore PT: Facial Recognition Software

Hi Frank,
Thanks so much for saying after “school” yesterday to help me.
I need to do some re-directing tomorrow.
Can you check this over and make any suggestions or edits you think it needs?
I ended up making all my keynote slides into .jpegs to make it cleaner.
Keynote and google slides do not play well :frowning:
Explore slides

Hi @mschlager,

The slides are definitely more accurate now and more in line with the definitions of the Expore PT. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi again Frank.

Just made a video to help them submit to the AP College Board.
It mentions that the students names should be taken out.
Do you think it matters if the student’s name is in the file name that they upload?

Since I made it an assignment in classroom (where they all get their own copy), it includes their name in the file name. I have all i macs in my classroom, so they need to jump into the finder to rename.
Just a bit trickier.
Here is a link to my video.
Turn in writing

Nice screencast!

I would say not to worry about the filename unless it says somewhere explicitly not to include their name in the filename. From what I remember, graders are not shown the filename when they grade, so that’s all that matters (that the grader won’t be biased by the identity of the student).