'15-'16 Good and Bad Data Visualizations


Use this thread to discuss your questions and comments about how to run the lesson.


A bunch of the visualizations were blocked by the firewall. :frowning: I should have checked but it didn’t occur to me that they were not hosted by code.org.


oh no, sorry about that @caroline!

the set B images (on level 3) were already locally hosted (and should load without a problem), but somehow set A (level 2) have now been updated on our side and should go live in the next couple of days. many of those images were being pulled from tumblr, which i’m guessing your school blocks?


Students LOVED judging other people’s work. We did this for 45 minutes in teams and then briefly talked about it as a group. In retrospect, I think doing some sort of qualities of good/bad charts or “dos/donts” of charts at the end would have been a good wrap-up - like mentioned in the teaching guide. For some reason, just giving students reflection questions doesn’t really simulate a good discussion for my classes, I think having the chart that to compile as a class would have been a little more satisfying of a conclusion.

Good lesson!