'15-'16 Making Data Visualizations

Use this thread to discuss your questions and comments about how to run the lesson.

It seems like the line chart is dependent on where you click first when you select the data.

@caroline did you feel like this lesson was too basic for your students? I am just pre-viewing it now, but I feel like most my students (this year) will kinda roll their eyeballs at this lesson. I could be false assumptions :wink: about what my students already know and are able to do, but I would hope they have done these basic charts before. Thoughts?

No, Only one student in my class had done Pivot charts before and he was self taught. Many did not have much experience with making anything but very basic charts.

I WISH it was too basic. It SHOULD be too basic. I may well try to get science and/or math teachers to use this lesson and teach these skills. But right now, in my school, it is not taught yet. This class is 10th grade.

It was definitely not a hard lesson or a long lesson, but everyone felt they learned. We all struggled with the Pivot tables in the next few lessons, no one felt this was wasted. It didn’t take most of the students a full hour though.

@caroline good to know! I actually did this today (along with lesson 4) and it maybe only took 20 minutes but it was good to make sure everyone knew the basics before moving to pivot tables. Agreed that it didn’t take the whole hour, but it was useful.