'16-'17 General Discussion for Lesson 2.11


Use this thread to discuss your questions and comments about how to run the lesson.



I am finishing up Lesson 15 but this impacts 11 - 15. I found many students struggled with the amount of data they had to work with. We use Google Drive and by time they decided which data set to use, they were completely overwhelmed with how many data sets that had in their drive. I was also surprised how little they knew about spreadsheet programs so you really need to go over the basics. The code exercises do this but some students tend to just go through the exercises just to check them off as done, watching the steps and not reading the instructions. Next time I will allot more time to the basics and go through the code.org exercises as a class. Their PT practice is due tomorrow and I switched to Google Classroom for turning it in. Maybe it will keep them more organized. They also really struggled with pivot tables. Lessons 11 - 14 took me twice as long as I thought it would.



Thanks for your insight. I also struggle with students going through the motions and not internalizing the objectives. I will probably have students complete additional charts before the PT. Last year, I made formative assessments based on the written instructions usually an exit card or journal entry. I also try to redirect students to the written material when they have questions. I ask them to show me where they got lost. This helps me to understand where the instructions are lacking clarity and to inspire independence and self-advocacy.



Some students are having graphs that look like Mistake 1 but they have checked Use Column A. Some people redo the whole process and it works, others don’t. I’m not sure what they are doing differently.


I found that if students hold down the control key before the finish highlighting the first column, their results will be off in some way. They must highlight all of the first column before pushing control. Hope that helps!


My students find they don’t have access to the data files…
Are they supposed to?


hi, @katherine_pomeroy

hmm, that is odd, the files are shared via google drive and are set so anyone with a link can view. here’s a direct link to the data sets-- can you try that?



My students also had trouble accessing the files directly from Code Studio. I had to download and share with Google Classroom.



The lesson tutorials are a good intro to this. I used the now its your turn bubble as the formative lesson output. It was good and bad. Some students came up with flawed visualizations that we (student and myself) could mutually critique. BUT I am more competent as an Excel data formula person and was unable to direct some students on how to fix their errors. I could use a suggestion to where find how to answers for better appearances. Example if students attempted to print their chart from sheets it went to PDF and the PDF would lose some formatting and change others. In my life I just export to excel but not all students have that option. When I query this out on the internet I just find, oh well sheets is getting better, but use excel for now. Oh well Teachable Moment.