'15-'16 Tell a Data Story

Use this thread to discuss your questions and comments about how to run the lesson.

Just a note that many students are asking for clarification about making a recommendation. Even students with stories about sleeping more being correlated with feeling better.

Also the rubric asks them to list assumptions about the data but none of the questions ask for that.

Thanks for the feedback @caroline. We will definitely take a look at how we can clarify these things for the future.


I made this lesson an one-day-er since we are getting to the end of the year here and I want to get in a final project before the seniors leave. Here are just some thoughts:

  • My students are not comfortable with google sheets - even things like adding a row or column was unfamiliar to them (or switching between tabs, or rounding, etc…). Next year I am going to need to teach that a little more.
  • I had to emphasize the fact that I wanted their visualizations to be “good” - with titles, axes that made sense, etc. I did not see that with the last data set.
  • I only had students answer the first of the written responses, but I also added a question that asked students to think about what other data they would like to gather if they could continue researching the story they had created. I haven’t read their work yet, so I don’t know how that went but it seemed like more accessible than the “recommendation” piece. I also think a little note about “correlation is not causation” should be in place here (but that might be the math teacher in me).

Other than that, this was really well structured and students were really engaged!