'15-'16 Finding Trends with Visualizations

Use this thread to discuss your questions and comments about how to run the lesson.

I am 2 days away from this lesson but I am excited for it! You hit the nail on the head with the “tell a story” part of the lesson. I worked for UnitedHealthcare and Target HQ before teaching and both were HUGE into “telling a story” with data. Using the “story” language with students IS a real-world situation. Nice work!

I did this unit today and opened with some example data. I felt like my students did not put the effort into this assignment that they needed to. I think next time I will give an example for what I expect. Students looked at pretty superficial connections and kept their stories pretty simple. I haven’t looked ahead to what the rest of the unit looks like but it seems like you could make this into an assignment with a bit more “meat” if you wanted to.

Also, I think next time I will have students take screenshots of their data that they used to help explain the story a bit more.

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My students loved this lesson. They got really into it. I led by looking up our high school, which was very interesting – we saw big spikes each September until 2010, where they dropped off substantially. We discussed why that might be, and eventually a student realized that that was the year we started to move to 1:1 laptops, and students no longer needed to Google the high school website – it became the default home button on their computers!