Share out strategy for data stories

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I did this lesson over the last two days and actually like how it turned out! I had students tell a story with their data visualization just like the lesson goes. I modeled what discovering a data story might look like and how you could take a visualization and research what might be causing the spikes or trends. They had 20 minutes to just play before I gave them essentially a blank slide in google classroom to put together their “story”.

The next day we did a “jigsaw” type activity where they got into groups of 4 and shared out their story in a strucured way. One person got 2 minutes to share their story, then the rest of the students had to write up a reflection based on a prompt I put on the board for 2 minutes. We repeated that 4 times. It was really cool to see students excited to share their stories and the different reflection prompts (as well as the structure) kept students engaged during the share out. I have included the prompts here if anyone wants them!

Happy programming!

Slides.pdf (97.3 KB)


Thank you! I really like this idea and plan to implement it for this lesson!


Love the “jigsaw” idea! I might try that next time. This year I used FlipGrid for the share out. After my students finished the activity guide I had them share their story in FlipGrid by responding to the prompts that Kaitie shared in her jig-saw (thanks Kaitie they were great

I think FlipGrid is a great alternative to sharing out especially if you don’t have the class time to dedicate to sharing-out but still want the students to have that experience. We’ve had some great discussions stem from our grids.


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@trapper.hallam1 I think that is a great use of Flip Grid. I have used it a few times this year, but that’s a prime example!!!