How to delete all records

Hi All. I’m playing with the Data Tools section and want to have a button that clears the table i.e. deletes all the records. I can do it using a loop but wonder if there’s a shorter way.

Hi @dsawyer,

I’m not sure exactly what you’re referring to, but it sounds like you’re talking about App Lab, and that using the green Data blocks, you’ve created a table with multiple records, and you want to delete all the records all at once instead of repeatedly using the “deleteRecord” command and deleting one at a time.

Assuming that’s the case, I don’t believe there’s a way. I’ll check with staff and if that’s not the case, I or a staff member will post an update here.



Sorry for not being clearer. Yes, I’m in App Lab and using the green Data blocks and want to delete all the records at once. I was able to figure out how to do it using a loop but it felt a little clumsy. Is there a way to use SQL commands with the table?

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Hi Don,

I’ll ask internally – I could have sworn that there was a syntax you could use with a wildcard character, or just an empty object, to delete everything but I guess not. I also have a recollection that there were security/stability issues with doing that potentially.

So yeah, you gotta loop it. Only way I found right now.

CSP Team