How to Manage Visible/Hidden Lessons by Student


Is there a way to make some lessons visible to some students while leaving them locked for others? This could be useful for requiring students to turn in their paper app before allowing them to move on to App Lab in Unit 4, or else for making some lessons into extension activities.

We found a workaround by creating a second section that has those units unlocked, but this is obviously not an ideal solution. Thank you!


This is interesting but I don’t think there is a way to do this and it seems like it would involve some thought from on how to implement.


Some colleagues and I also chatted about this and couldn’t find how. It would be a great feature for our diverse learners.



Agree - the feature in Google Classroom (where you can hand out assignments to certain students) has been great. Allowed for differentiation in the classroom where students can work on their assignment - even if its not the same one, it’s the one that is right for them!



I hope is working on this, I got a new student today, and would rather start him at the beginning of unit 2, not unit 2 lesson 13 where my other students are right now.


I realize that this is not the perfect answer, but I have created separate classes for these students so I could control their access independently from others.