How to stop Playsound Loop


I can’t seem to make the playSound button to stop looping. I set it up as False loop, but the sounds continues to play and loops. Any idea on how to make this stop?

Salutations @dajanim,

seems like your problem lies within your event conditional rather than the playSound function your referenced we can resolve this by using keyWentDown

if (keyWentDown("up")) {
    sponge.velocityY = -9;
    playSound("sound://category_jump/arcade_game_jump_1.mp3", false);

by using this event we check if the user is pressing a key vs holding it, since there are other events used like this throughout your program perhaps this is the mistake you were referring to?


If you’re referring to the jumping sound, I would agree with @varrience. If it’s a different sound, check back in and let us know. The rest looks pretty good and it’s a very creative game!

Good luck!!