Http request functions

Hi, right now, I am making a game in game lab where it imports images from other websites by the loadImage() function. However, I also want to somehow import text from other websites to give values of external sources. Is there a function to do this or a way to work around with the loadImage() function?

well such a way could be possible though I’m not sure if i can share how you would go about doing it due to TOS… if I get confirmation that it doesn’t break it i can go into more details but for now I’ll be vague as possible, you’ll need a back-end one that particularly can encode image data by pixel then decode it front end style then again this isn’t it’s intended functionality and I’d recommend Applab for such requests especially with their whitelisted domains with startWebRequest functionality. Buut idk if i can say anymore on the gamelab part until i get the green light from people who know the terms better than i do