I don't understand the new create task

I am lost and confused.

College board post a rubric. But then in the practice questions it ask questions that have nothing to do with the rubric. Such as 2B on practice test 1 is about procedure arguments. But the rubric demands writing about runtime error. Do they do both?

I understand there will be multiple versions of the questions. Will each set of questions have a unique rubric and the one listed is just an example? Or is it we have to use that rubric no matter the question? Do students have to answer the question or just the rubric?

Maybe I misunderstand something basic but this doesn’t make sense to me. Are there only 3 versions of questions or could all 30 students have a unique set of questions?

I’m not sure as well. I think it would be a good idea to post this question in the AP CS Principles Community on College Board website. I would also suggest watching the webinar videos posted in AP Classroom under Teacher Resources.