Images not showing on Lesson 2.13

My students are creating their own webpage and 2 of their images are not showing. I have checked everything I can think of, the code, syntax, tags, etc. and I still can’t get it to display. See the code below. The text displays, but not the images. Any suggestions?


<p>The toucan's large bill helps it reach for faraway fruit. Toucans spend more time hopping than flying. Toucans like to nest in natural tree cavities or those made by other birds. The emerald toucanet is one of the smaller members of the family. Toucans often hang out in very large groups.<p/>
<img scr="Sichuan-Takin.png" alt="Sichuan-Takin.png">
<p>Takins have an oily, strong-smelling substance secreted over the whole body. Takins sleep almost like dogs. Takins are considered national treasures in China. If baby takin gets lost, it produces a call that sounds like a call of a lion cub.<p/>

It should be img src, not img scr…

Good luck!