Implementation Planning


It looks like the document is view only so I was not able to make notes on. I am feeling confident about how to use the program. I had training in the summer and during that time our computers were down for a good part of it. I feel like the weekend classes will be helpful. I will keep working on getting better.


I agree with the posts I have read in that I don’t feel as confident as I would like to introduce the module to my class however; I sort of expect that my students may very well (hopefully) run with it once they are introduced to the basics. Additionally I want to make sure that I have completed the background learning sufficiently before I ask them to model it…I’m not sure I will know the right point to introduce the module to them.


I am excited to introduce this to my students because I already teach related software for CS instruction in middle school (AgentSheets), and this is FREE! Pumped!


I echo what many have said about needing to grow in comfort and confident with more practice. I am sure the kids will really take to it.
I also need to find the time to fit this into an already packed curriculum.


I can plan to implement it, but my confidence in the actual implementation of it is low.
I feel as if I need a lot more time to practice in order to gain that comfort level, but I also know that I need to implement asap in order to keep the ideas fresh.
Also, I feel like it will take my students more time to complete the tasks that I want them to and so, I need to think about how I will stream line the modules for them.implementation plan


I feel relatively confident to start this on a very basic level with teachers/students. I find that since I have not involved myself with it a great deal since our face to face session this summer, it took a while for me to “relearn” some of the concepts we experienced this past summer. I think with more time devoted, I would be fine in bringing this to a classroom setting. My situation is a bit different in that I assist teachers and am not the teacher in the classroom. We have more than one teacher from our school that is attending this course, and I would like to work with one of those teachers on classroom implementation before taking it to a teacher that is totally unfamiliar with the concept. In that way, 2 different perspectives can assist with the implementation and things may go more smoothly.
I still think more time and experience working through the modules is needed. I don’t ever like to go into anything feeling unprepared, and I don’t feel totally prepared at this time. More time would be needed to practice with the modules to increase my comfort level.
I’m not sure what help could provide other than providing more projects that I could work through to increase my knowledge and comfort level. Again, the more practice I get, the greater my knowledge becomes and that will only assist with implementation of the project.


The implementation plan is helpful because it helps to remind me of all the considerations I have to take into account in wanting to get my students coding - its a lot more complicated than just sitting them in front of a computer and giving them a handout. I will need to create buy-in from both students and from my co-teacher in terms of making this a part of the curriculum we are planning to execute. I’m also a little concerned about the availability of technology in the school itself. It sounds like there are not many computers available but perhaps partner programming can help with that.
I feel really ready and confident about implementing the first part of module 1. I love the kinesthetic activities that connect to concepts like providing specific instructions and wiggle walking. I’m thinking about doing some of that in the beginning of the year. The place where I have much less confidence is the ecosystem (specifically predator-prey) model - I worked with a different model during our workshop and all the practice I’ve done on the ecosystem model has been independent. I know that I’ll simply get it more as I work on it more, but the key issue there is time - it takes a great amount of time and trial and error to gain familiarity to the point of comfort. I’m looking forward to our workshop in October and having a chance to practice again with others during a dedicated time.
One way I could use help from is in updating the cookbooks to be visually similar to slnova. I was trying to replicate the chase and run models but when I looked at the cookbooks I didn’t feel I could easily translate what was there to coding in the program. I may have just been looking in the wrong place of course but for me having the visually similar instructions is important - reviewing the video on creating procedures, for example, greatly helped me, not so much in terms of the video itself, but in being able to view the coding that was used in the World and Mountain Lions screens to figure out where I might be going astray.


After completing my implementation document, I feel confident in my knowledge of the science content in module 3 and 4.
The areas where I need more time and experience is in the coding itself. I still struggle with it. I need help in understanding and building the code.


If you have a Google account, and log into it, you can save a copy of the plan to your Google Docs, and then you can edit the document.

Hope this helps : )


I feel confident with module 1, and how I want to teach it. I think I still need more practice with the other modules, and the advanced techniques, when it comes to the actual coding of those. I think with time and practice, I will become more confident, but I’m not sure what specific training could provide with that; I think it’s really a matter of putting in the time to become great at it (the coding), just as anyone would have to do to master a new skill.


While time is not an issue for me this year, access to computers on a daily basis will be. Also, I need to practice more with StarLogo Nova before I implement in January.


I think it’s just going to be trial and error. I feel about as ready as I’m ever going to be and just need to take the leap. We are starting on Tuesday and will see how it goes. I’m confident that my students will pick this up faster than I did (it always seems to be that way when I introduce new technology-based units) and I’m sure I’ll be learning from them very soon.


I feel the same way. Think I need three more days of training. =)


There is a huge lack of confidence in my part. I like to have a set of steps for what works and what doesn’t. Not a very good explorer. Therefore I am concerned about that part when implementing CODE to my 6th grade students.


I also plan to coordinate with another teacher at my school as we work through the lessons. I do think most of my students will run with this once the lessons get started.


I think I am pretty good to start. I will know more once I meet my students. That will be the real test. I know that I I need help, I could always contact


I feel completely ready and confident in the lesson I practiced at the face-to-face PD this summer. I will definitely want to practice the other modules before implementing them in the classroom. We were told that this would happen in the subsequent meetings throughout the school year. I wish the online Phase 2 didn’t require us to re-mix a module we didn’t practice. I was shocked I was asked to remix code that I wasn’t yet trained on. Module 1 required different coding activities than the other two modules. The only exposure we got from the other modules was by watching the other PD teams show their code. We spent very little time on these activities and didn’t have a chance to really practice ourselves.


I agree with these comments. More time is needed to thoroughly plan and walk-through the module before implementing into the curriculum. I also agree that finding the time to implement all required modules in addition to our current curriculum will be a challenge, but what we can implement will be worthwhile and enriching for students.


I do not think there are any areas where I feel completely ready and confident. I am a little nervous about starting this program with my students. I believe that this is just due to the lack of experience and practice on my part. If I practice using the program more and experiment with the different modules more, I will feel more confident going through the lessons with my students.


I’m worried about knowing how to answer students’ questions. I don’t feel confident enough myself. I plan on co-teaching this with another teacher that has been CODE trained so we can help each other. I know I need to take the time to practice before hand.