Implementation Planning

What did you realize while you were completing your implementation document?

  • Are there any areas where you feel completely ready and confident?
  • Are there any areas where you could use more time and experience?
  • Is there anywhere that you could use extra help from

Take some time to read over responses from others and see if you can contribute anything positive to their experience. Remember, if you help your cohorts, there is a greater chance that they will be able to help you, as well!

I think there is lack of confidence on my part. Need to continue practicing. Like an experiment it is all about trial and error.

I agree with a few of the other posts I’ve read. The more practice we have at working through different modules and experimenting with variations of the code, the more “ready” I will feel. As with most new programs/electives/activities, I am certain I will continually refine the lessons and activities to best fit the needs of my students.

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I still wonder what kind of challenges I will run up against and if I will have skill needed to answer student’s questions.

I agree with most of the above post that I shall need to continue practicing on my own so that i may be better prepared to answer student’s questions. However, I have enough confidence where I can begin with them and get them onto the right track.

Certainly, time is the essence in the factors given. I am sure that the time given to us according to the modules will not be sufficient and it will be longer than predicted. I would need to find ways or if code,org has had previous knowledge of advise on how to keep it to the given timeframe. I know we want the students todive right in, but I need to streamline the intro so they are familiat to the language so they may begin with more confidence and knowledge.

I would like to be speedier in completing my programming - get to memorize the drawers, etc.

I too lack confidence about implementing this with the students. However, I have talked to teachers who are using this kind of forum in their classrooms already and they assure me that the kids are ready and absolutely take to this. I would like to practice more to and I think that practicing with the kids will help as well. Since I had training at the beginning of the summer I feel like I just want to get back into the classroom and try it out, that will make me feel better about how to implement it in the future.

The document is “view only” so I can not make a copy. I have printed the document to make notes on. I feel confident in that I have the technology available for my students to use and generate data from the model. There is district support and my principal loves for us to integrate technology and having the students actively engaged in technology. I still feel like I need more time and confidence in writing and working with the code itself. I believe (some of it) is lack of confidence on my part too.

I feel pretty confident in my ability to facilitate. As with any new activity, I a little less confident about predicting problems that may arise. I think that going back and doing some of the activities over again will allow me to see some of these problems. I definitely feel it will take more than 5 days.

I don’t feel confident going beyond module 1 in my classroom. I am still struggling to get module 2 working and am feeling frustrated. I need a place to look to compare my codes to, so I can understand where I am going wrong. I just won’t have endless hours for the trial and error once school starts back up.

I need to practice more with the modules before implementing them in to my classroom. I need to build up my confidence in computer science first.

I feel that I will need to practice more on my own so that I am comfortable teaching this. I think the vocabulary for 7th graders is going to be tough. Going through the implementation document allowed me to think about the scale of what we are about to do! I’m anticipating frustration and “ah ha” moments from the students and will need to be recording a great deal at first with the hope that it will get easier.

I am from the Boise group - I am not finding the Implementation Plan document in Google Docs.
I still haven’t figured out the technology piece, our school doesn’t have adequate technology available to implement. I have been working on this - but no solution yet.

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I feel confident using StarLogo Nova myself, but I am sure my students will encounter new problems and questions that I have not personally encountered yet, so there will definitely be a learning curve when I begin teaching this to my students.
One area I may need help with is rolling this out to teachers who have not completed the training.

I think that I’m almost ready to teach the content. I am somewhat confident in my ability to code but the ability to teach it is different. I understand it but do I really understand it deep enough to teach? More practice with the basics for me is probably going to be necessary. I also plan on running through the material with another teacher that took the training with me and is planning on implementing it at the same school. That will help with my confidence.

To be honest right now I think it is going to take some time collaborating with the team at school. We need to hone our long term vision, and secure resources. I feel confident that this needs to be a part of our school, but I think staying in touch with Project Guts is going to be really important to launching this and making it successful.

I agree that keeping in touch will help make this successful. We have three teachers using code this fall so hopefully, we can help each other out!

I think the biggest challenge will be getting all of my students up to speed using SLNova. I feel confident in my ability, but there is only one of me and 26 of them in each class. I wish there was a guided SLNova course like there is at for their courses.

While completing the implementation document, I realized that I need to be cognizant of the class time that I have to teach. I will be teaching my students every other day for 72 minutes. I have a good grasp on Module 1; it will be easy to teach. I will need to monitor the progress students are making in the class. I have broken down the StarLogo Nova activities into small activities to aid my students with disabilities, ESOL students, and struggling learners.

I feel confident using the Instructor’s manual to start up this project. I could use more time to practice the modules I did not get to explore over the in person PD. Continuous help from will be key in launching this project and successfully implementing it.