Implementation Planning


I feel it is going to take alot of time on my part to familiarize myself with the areas that students will struggle to assist them better. I will keep working at it.


I believe I am set to go. I just need to figure out which class I want to implement it in: Chemistry or Physical Science. I am leaning more towards Chemistry due to the advanced nature of Module 4 (I believe that was the one with the copper reacting with silver nitrate). Physical science isn’t ready for that reaction… yet :).


I’m glad that I have 1:1 chromebooks in most grades and access to a technology lab.


After reviewing my implementation document, I will need time to create a teacher refection form and students’ daily assessment (informative) for individual, peers, and group.I will need to learn how to setup a digital portfolio. I would like to use a pre-test before the first lesson in Module 1 using google form. I know that I have to practice and to review the lessons. I will need time for transition and pacing. I would like to have a computer model for each quarter.


I feel confident in my students ability to try new things without giving up quickly. I think that with more time and practice this summer I will build my confidence more. I am not the type to hold back because of fear of “getting stuck.” I will assist in rolling this out in our middle school and in my heart I believe we will be successful because we will model “real” learning. I am not sure if there are additional supports that I need right now, I have to wait until schools starts.


Students at our school have confidence when it comes to technology. I am starting to have that same confidence. I think that continuing to utilize the online system to practice until school starts will only prepare for as much as it can until it is actually implementation time.


Completing the implementation plan helped me see the big picture of what I am trying to introduce in my classroom this fall. I am so excited that I have a foundation to help my students learn more about science and computer programming. I have been looking into how to introduce computer programming into my science class for a few years but was never able to make it happened because I was unable to connect the two worlds. Now, I feel very strong about introducing computer programming in this way. Making simulations and running them while changing one variable at a time is going to enhance my classroom greatly. Thank you so much for this opportunity!


I am a planner so I feel more confident as to when I will start the first module and what it will take to run it after completing the implementation plan. I am nervous about my skills and being able to help my students. I am also concerned with having enough computers available. It will be an adventure and I think my students will enjoy learning more about computer science.


I do not feel confident in implementing a module effectively, but I have confidence in the ability of the students to help each other troubleshoot and create some original applications of the set modules.


I have no confidence in my ability to implement the CODE in the way it is intended, partially because I am not certain of the intended goals and outcomes for this. I can teach my students to use the program and have them design agents and systems, but to what end? What standard is this supporting and if not which am I leaving out in the month that it will take to get my students through the code lessons.


This is going to be a real challenge. I am going to use the water resources module in Earth Science. Getting the students going on the programming is going to take a ton of time. I have some concerns about my ability to get this going. The standard that it teaches about can be taught better in other ways.


Implementing CODE in my classroom should be fun and it will segue nicely in my Ecology unit. I am not very confident about teaching Module One to my students, but feel confident that it will be a positive teaching and learning experience for not just me but for my students as well.


While this document is very detailed, it is also something that is a work in progress. Having never taught the curriculum before, it is difficult to determine how long it will take to actually complete a module with a class.

I feel that the lesson module guides will be a great foundation for me to get things started, and am comfortable enough with the basic programming levels to get them through module one without any major issues.

I know that I need more personal time working through module 3 to develop my own understanding and confidence. I will likely need to refer back to my training modules several times to make sure I get it right.

I don’t know what extra help I may need from yet - but I am sure I will find things along the way.


I realized that there will be a lot of steps to implementation, particularly because I have Diverse Learners. I feel confident in being able to follow the directions in the modules and that I can also create a culture of “try again” in my classroom. Knowing that I struggled with learning the program will help me to frame my instruction to my students.

I definitely feel like I could use more time working through making models, however, I feel like the more I do, the more comfortable I will become with StarLogo Nova and coding, in general.


is the link to my implementation plan.

I realized that experimenting with one class before implementing it with all the rest in more in my comfort zone. It helps that I am teaching a MESA elective course and have a ready-made group where I can try things out so I can work out the bugs before using the plan on a larger scale.


I am primarily concerned with where to trim 6 weeks of instruction to implement the 20-hour coding unit to give our 7th graders coding basics and then 2-3 weeks for ProjectGUTS modules 1 and 3 (ecosystems). Since we will not get to the ProjectGUTs modules until mid-May, I know I will have to redo everything from scratch to refamiliarize myself with the how-tos since so much time will have passed. I am feeling more comfortable with the segment than the ProjectGUTs modules, but I have not poured over the structured lesson plans work-for-word, so hopefully that will heighten my confidence level . . . that and two more PDs in October and February. I keep reminding myself that kids are digital natives and will take to this much more easily than I have.


I totally agree with your statement about our implementation plan being a work in progress . . . things always unfold differently with students than they do with adults! :smile:


There is truth here. In California, the life science lessons (ecosystems) do not align with current content standards. I am telling myself that this is preparation for NGSS.


I believe that this implementation will be a little challenging in the beginning stages. The more practice I get using this the more it will be easier to implement it into the lesson plans and relay all the information to the students.


I am confident in my students but still think time will be a huge factor!